The objective of this information is to give the reader an introduction to the language of Christianisation in colonial Peru, based on my research and therefore with a particular emphasis on my work on this topic (this is the reason for having very few bibliographical references although there is, of course, a considerable amount of published work on this and closely related themes).

At present, at the beginning of 2013, I am preparing a study with the preliminary title Entrelazando dos mundos: Experimentos y experiencias con el quechua cristiano en el Perú colonial.

The information on this site recurs to some published studies of mine, but also includes unpublished ideas as well as such which form part of my most recent work.

I welcome the reader to engage in debates about this theme or create connections to other related geographical and cultural areas and phenomena.

Apart from a number of articles, an authored and an edited volume (which mention below, also see References section) I initiated and co-organised a conference on the topic of the language of Christianisation in the context of the colonial encounter in the Americas (see Dedenbach-Salazar Sáenz / Ruhnau / Kummels (coords.) 2011 European-Indigenous Trans/Mission; also Dedenbach-Salazar Sáenz (ed.) in preparation, 2013La transmisión de conceptos cristianos). A symposium at the International Congress of Americanists entitled Entre conversión, inversión y subversión also included relevant contributions to this theme (see Dedenbach-Salazar Sáenz (coord.) 2012 Entre conversión, inversión y subversión).

Sabine Dedenbach-Salazar

Stirling, January 2013